Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One's said

Evening blog lovers,

"If you can't handle now, you can't handle later"

Simple but deep, no ? It's been awhile since I hold on to it. It simply means that what you're going through now is nothing compare to what you will go through later. & as it goes on, 'NOW' will always be nothing compare to 'LATER'. YET, 'NOW' will always be a ticket to 'LATER'.

What can you get from 'NOW' ?

It's never really easy to handle certain things. Sometimes you feel like giving up & start questioning or even blaming. One thing we should know, Allah SWT will never test us on something that we can't handle. Every problem has a solution & yes, the saying is so true. We tend to feel so miserable & be pathetic or exaggerating instead of thinking those who are really at stake.

'NOW' is when you fight.
'NOW' is when you become stronger.
'NOW' is when you become wiser.
'NOW' is when you learn.
'NOW' is when you become a better person.

What is 'NOW' without 'LATER' ?

'LATER' is when you can apply what you experienced before or even challenge yourself facing new problems. Some people concentrate more on 'NOW' and not thinking about 'LATER' or in other word, 'FUTURE'. 
Not to say it is wrong. 
It is indeed very true that what you do 'NOW' affects 'LATER' but what you do 'NOW' without thinking about the consequences of 'LATER' is like digging your own grave. Another similar situation is when people think 'POSITIVELY' every time without thinking about the 'NEGATIVE' occurrence. & what will happen when a situation occurs ?

What is 'NOW' without 'LATER' ? ---------> Go get yourself a coffin.

So friends, we are all AMAZING. We can do better in many things that we think we can't. Studying or working, everybody is capable of being the best. EFFORT counts & so as FAITH.

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