Monday, June 13, 2011

A wedding and a trip

BOTH held in Pahang but in two different places.
It's been so long since I last went outstation w my dearest dad.
On the 11th of June, woke up around 6:30 a.m to get ready for a long ride to Pahang.
First trip was to Pekan. Stepmom's cousin, Zuleeda Assila, got married there somewhere near the Royal Pahang Polo Club place. She looked FABULOUS in a grey long dress. Don't forget the tiara. Always there :D Haha It was awesome.. 
So, again guys, Congratulations to Hazrin & Zuleeda Assila.
Hope you guys will have a wonderful life w each other..
P.S. Sorry takda gambar XD

So, next trip was to Teluk Cempedak which is also in Pahang! Two words, EXTREMELY SUPERB!!!!! I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!!! Well, we checked in in a hotel called Hyatt.. Man, that hotel is the best!!! Is like everything is there... I LOVE IT! WE LOVE IT!

Puteri Nur Asyiqin

Sorry because of a small picture. Couldn't copy it from Facebook.. Darn it! Will upload once I've got my USB!!! :) 
I tell you guys, you guys should GO! Totally... I hope one day I can have a trip to this place again, but this time w my girls!!!!
Went home the next day! Dad told me to drive but in short distance cause he was too sleepy. First experience of a long ride to drive! 
But guys, nothing beats HOME SWEET HOME!

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