Monday, August 31, 2009

Tanggal 31..bulan 8... '57

Panjang umurnya,
Panjang umurnya,
Panjang umurnya serta mulia,
serta mulia,
serta mulia.... :)

Happy 52nd year of freedom, Malaysia! :D
I'm proud to be a Malaysian!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jamuan Berbuka Puasa with citizens of Acemotion Pictures :D

August, 28th 2009
Jamuan Berbuka Puasa dengan warga Acemotion Pictures Sdn.Bhd di Restoran Puteri, Taman Tun. It was tiring. Agak kepenatan la gak but fun laa... Okay okay jee...

I just ate bihun goreng, minum orange juice and have some abc je.
heehee Yum!Yum!! Since puasa punye pasal.. Semua aku nak bedal sebenarnya... haha
Okay, so all of the staffs of Acemotion were invited. My abt to be step brother and sister oso ade since they sleepover at our place. My dad brought his girlfriend.. Haha.. You know men.. Biasa la..
I dont mind at all actually coz I know his lonely.

By the way, yeah... I took some pictures too..
We went back around 9pm tak silap.
Balik-balik tu I ingat nak terus upload gambar then blog taw..Since I tangkap gambar using my phone..
You know what happen to my W595 phone?
Guess what?!!
It went KOOKOO!!!
Thanks alot!!! For SPOILING my day!!! Habis!!! Stupid cables!!!
I can't even on my phone. What a disaster?...
I was very pissed yesterday night..haha.. sampai tertido dibuatnye..XD
I bawak kuar memory stick i, I put inside my sister's phone then I transfer.. Dapat pulak...Geramnye...
Sakit ati taw tak?!!

This is Raisah the small one XD

They have a lil conversation abt comparing some universities..
Smile for the camera!!!

Mommy and friend :)

Aisya, Raisah && Bik Neng, Ayah && Kak Lily, Uncle Dol's Family+ Aiman and Amir

The left, Abg Bakri & Uncle Aben. The right, Kaklong
& baby Imran...

Kak Yam with Imran. Uncle Raouf is also there.

Heal the world we're leaving

Memang makan banyak!!!

My beloved(s)...

We create Happy Family...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

JT's hot dance- Summer love

There's one part of the dance like OMG!!!! Haha.. Take a look for yourself...

Friday, August 28, 2009


Life's getting tougher these days. Many sad stories. Many unsettled problems. Trying to get out of it, but things went complicated after that.... Ugghh.. why laa...

Btw, i just bought a new pair of specs. Ya Allah! Macam tak percaya.. My power increased tinggi gile.. From 3.25 now 4.50. AAAhhh!!! Tu la.. I degil.. like to wear contacts sampai over time limit.. lepas tu, bace dalam gelap... then, sms-ing while in the dark.. tgk ape dah jadi.. Padan muka sendiri laa... -.-"Haha... But then, it's kinda dizzy to get use to my new power... perh... AKU RABUUUUN!!! Aaahhh!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dead And Gone

It's true that she had an affair. And it's true that she couldn't forgive herself eventhough he (the official boyfriend) did. Why was that?? She didn't even get it. So how about letting both go?? Her ex, her scandal and herself just being friends. Or nothing... She'd gave up... She's tired... She's over it...

King Of Fruits

My family just couldn't resist DURIAN!!! Haha.. These are some pictures of my sister and youngest brother having DURIAN!!! XD

Make Over

Her make up was done by Sabrina. Ganas siot XD haha

Her make up was done by me!! Nice not?