Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry for what had been done today but we have to work this out, love. If not, I really cant be in this position anymore. I'll be waiting for you to really change.
I love you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


.Happen on the 4th and 5th of July.
~Good Luck~
Special to :~
Zoe Chia
Yasmin Shahira
Lai Yee
Steph Tham
Crystal Yong
Joo Yi
Vin Yi
Way Wen
Jie Cheng
Siti Nabilah
Charis Wong
Delia Azahari
Cindy Long
Clara Teo

This is so adorable and makes me giggle XD

This Video Is So Funny But Yet Some Make Sense Too

Childhood was the best of all... Cousins forever, DEE!!!

It's all abt the LOVE

The musical snow globe is a present from my dad when I was standard 6.
The zebra and the card was given by the boyfriend when I was still at the hospital somewhere early this February 2009.

I've nothing to do, really...

Yes I was born on the 12th September 1993.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Picca Vainies:D

Since Normy brought his slr camera to school, these pictures are the 'HASIL'...heehee

teehee.. What the....

Have you met her??

Girls! Let's have some fun :D

Peace :)


The Best Guyfriend

The Boyfriend (credits to anis)

My Girlfriend :)


Anis Kiss You XD

Haha... Mwah! Love you!

Very the selambe...

Jump baby Jump

Look! Look! Look!

What's this?? The Fives...

Aishiteruuu <3

I luv d WALL....

Yaiks!!! Heeheee

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Babies :D

On the left is Casper!!! Isnt he adorable??

Hey!!!! Meet my girlfriend, Ramona!!! She likes to pamper... ALOT!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holiday's Over!!! Yay!! :D

For 2 weeks, KEBOSANAN!! Well, I went to Singapore for only 3 days... So, we sent my sister, Kaklong/Fatehah to her mum's house which is located somewhere in Pungkol. I see nothing lorh -.-" Bosan habis.. Sampai KL, lagi laa.. Except for home, friend's house, home, friend's house...

Creepy I know!!!

Ameen :)

??? Have any ideas??

Dancefloor yeah!

Vivo City was fine :)

The Flamingos arent fake :)

Homo sapiens! Haha..

Ain :)

No comment -.-"

Yeahp, that's my dad pulling mine and my sister's ear -.-"

Aisya :)

Happy with love in the air y'all XD

Mwah!! Love you owl!

OH YA!!! I FORGOT!! Last 5th of June. Festari 2009 was a bomb!! Haha. We were kinda nervous but actually we had fun performing our zapin and joget (malay traditional dance). We've got 7th place but it's alright.. I dont think it's bad after all coz we're new comers. So, we'll try harder next year. Damansara Damai got the 1st place, 2nd place taken by Sek.4, Kota Damansara and 3rd place taken by SMK Katholik. RINDU DOWH!!! Especially the instructors, Abang Adi and Abang Atong/ Raynold. :'(

A day before competition at Dewan Sivik

03.06.09 Happy Birthday Sabrina :D

The Love!!!


Anak Melayu!!! Senantiasa Dalam Jiwa!!!

Dee Tengah Tido!

These are OUR BELOVED instructors. Abang Axi & Abang Atong/ Raynold



A cousin of mine :)

A Day Before Competition

My ONE!!!


We're One In A Million

End our practice day!

FESTARI 2009!!!

A fall in love with these lovely people til now!!!

Abang Atong suka menyibuk!!

Cewah!!! The sugar DADDY!! XD


Haha!!! Adorable!!!


Last 13th of June, Anis ajak gi join to watch her dad's show called 'pilih kasih' live at Seremban. Since my dad was the judge. It was a SMASH :D The contestants really acted well. But Ray got kicked out. It doesnt mean that he's not good. He's quite a good actor too.


I've ended up my holiday going out with parents, watch movie and lunch at delicious, 1u. What movie? Haha.. Hannah Montana. It was okay okay laa.. Gee, how membosankan kan? ADUHH!!! Cuti 2 minggu ni, sebenar-benarnya kan, ade banyak stress happened.. but i think tak perlu la kan nak heboh2 kan.. bikin kecoh nnt.. Damn, I totally love schoolXD haha..

My brother's taller than me XD

Delicious' Brownies

Mum looks more like a sister...

Dad and siblings

Haha.. bibir muncung..

She's hot!!

Kak Dewi & Ain :)

Busy with what ha?



Mommy! SMILE!!!

Not Cool!!

This adorable young man is my youngest brother :D