Monday, February 23, 2009

19TH Of Feb 2009 is gone!!

Hey, just got back from the hospital yesterday. The operation went very well!!! Thank god! Within a week or 2 I'll be just fine. I miss school already eventhough it's been like 3 days only. But being sick is fun... You've got to see whether your friends really do care about you or not.. haha.. I'm starting to realise that there're friends around me.... Before I discharged yesterday, dee, sabby, aishah, misha, nabilah, iman and norman came and visit.. It was funny but i cant laugh alot coz my mouth cant open that wide. They've tried their very best to entertain me. Haha... Oh ya, my tumor looks like a huge marble if y'all wanna know. And left lip feel numb and terkoyak abit.. Most thing that I hate is the needle which was put on my left hand side to put on the drip.. It hurts alot especially when you want to move..Funny thing was that I promised myself yesterday if I didnt get out from the hospital as soon as possible, I'm going to beat the old lady up. (The old lady was shift inside my room for a while... so yeah...) Hospital is fun for 3 days... but more than that, na'ah... I hate hospitals. I really cant wait to laugh, to shout, to smile. Everybody!!! Wait for me!!! I'll come back!!! Faris visited me 2 days ago. He gave me this cute lil zebra doll. I named it horsy!! Haha.. It was so adorable. Cant wait to feel normal again soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Doa kan I eh :)

Halu!!! Hee..
so school's reopened. So, cant always online though.
On the 4th of Feb, I went for another medical check up. They've put a date that I'll be admiting in the hospital and have my operation on this 19th. Pray for me ya guys. Sadly, I cant join the green house cheer. Firstly, cant join blitzerz and now green house pulak. Haish... Banyak dugaan laa... Through this week pulak, okay laa jugak. But homework setinggi gunung. Thank god tomorrow's holiday Hari Wesak.. Boleh la cool down skit.