Friday, January 30, 2009

FISH! FISH! FISH! FISH! AHHH!!!!!! I cant stand of what he's trying to do???!!! Keep on pin pointing people!!! I did my part!!! So, why did I get the blame?? FISH!!! I hate this part right here!!! Urrgghh!!

My bad..

So, today I've done this photoshoot for toopet(big sister's friend). Yeah, kinda busy and tiring. So it doesnt disturb me that much abt my late problem... So yeah... Nothing much I did though today.. First thing in the morning, I went for a jog... Then came home and fell asleep for awhile on the sofa... At 2 something PM I went to Kak Dahnia's place.. She made a studio out of her living room.. Haha... So, I do the make up and stuff.. Well it looks pretty simple and non-thick make up... Then, I go BAM! BAM! BAM! Yeah!!!! Haha... Malaysia's next top model!!! Lol!!! Weeeeeee!!!! So I'll be uploading the photo soon as I got it.. And toopet will edit it to become this versace perfume poster.. heehee.. Cool eh!!! I'll upload that too as soon as I got it!!! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Damn Tumor

Yesterday, caused me a very takut story... So, I went to this UMS Hospital to the Dentist Faculty. Guess what? There's a big tumor in my gums!! Shittttooo!!!! Damn la.. I've to go for another operation la pulak... Nak mampoih mendengarnye.... nak nangis pun ade.. so what to do kan??? It was huge.. It covers like 3x of your back teeth.. DAMN!!!! So, that time it was the PA of Prof.Zainal(my real doctor) that checked me. Prof. Zainal was busy with something else laa... After check up sume dah habis, we(as in my dad & I) went to makan-makan at popeye somewhere in Taman Tun.... OH-OH!! I tak forgot!!! Ade this rusuhan in front of the hospital on the same time.. I takut ohhhh!!! My dad nak sangat tgk... Lol!! Damn ramai polis seyh.... Yeah, we went back home and something had happen between me & faris which I dont think he realise what's his fault.. As usual... Ntah laa.. Sedih tu mmg laa. Nak buat camne... Pilu hati memikir tentangnye.

Thou art of the beloved...
So confused but well to be done,
And as I know, this man once told his beloved in a poem,
So long as I can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, & this gives life to thee...

Today's Story, Yeah, Tuesday's...27th Jan '09

I bertekad nak buat homework but it ends up ME still in front of the computer.. yeahp.... This is where I am now...So, my story is there's actually no story.. Coz I'm totally bored now, sitting at home doing nothing.. Everybody kuar enjoy.. And, guess what??!!! I'm still in my pyjamas... This morning I woke up at about 9 something because of a stupid bad dream then as usual I terus turun bawah searching for food.. Next thing I do, I watched Kuntilanak 3 and it doesn't scares me at all coz I'm still dreaming and sleepy...Emmm, yeah... Then, my big sis ask me for an opinion of which pairs of clothes should she wair today... then, I feed my turtles... Syok sendiri and wait for Faris to wake up and say 'B, I'm awake'... Haha... Oh ya, Check out this pic that my big sis edit for me...

Look!! There're 3 of Ekins!!!

Here are some photos of us at Eman's Birthday Party Celebration

haha.. Birthday Boy
It's a tradition
Here comes the cake!!!

The girls
Credits for Anis

We had plenty of fun
Joy to the Day XD

Delightful Always..


The asses

The Photographer (Alot of credits for him)

We ride!!

We love him!!! Happy Birthday!!!

I failed!! Darn!!!

Pick A Boo

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A week of school holidays

Man, homework sure alot laa... XD haha... normally I get so bored of school holidays, but since masuk form 4 ni.. haish.. mmg stress and penat gile... so, I'm starting to love holidays..pfft!
Well, nothing much i did for CNY holidays. Last 25th of January was my brother's(Aiman) birthday... On the same day, it was eman's big brother's wedding. My brother decided to be with his friends so i chose to go for eman's event. It happened at Palma Puteri, somewhere in Kota Damansara. Among us friends, there are Erna, Norman, Eka, Dee and Eman himself.. OH YA!!!! Didn't forget about this cute lil miss hottie girl...'Aira'. She's Eman's lil cousin which she called him Pak Uda.. Hahaha.. Funneyh.... Weyh!! Then datang laa the groom and the bride after waiting for so long.. Biasa la.. Us girls target to see the baju and the make up of the bride... Macam kite plak nak naik pelamin..haha.. Yeah.. After that my dad pick us girls up to the Curve.. which I decided to sit there for a while je.. We had McD (boikot sial). I was so stupid to ask erna whether berdosa tak... I was-was and takut actually..XD Then after chit-chatting and stuff, i sent Erna home. Sampai je rumah, I quickly go change my baju kurung into something sempoi, then head to Sunway Pyramid with Dad and siblings.. including both of my maids. It was raining so we didnt go to the scream park.. thank god.. I hate rumah hantu alot!! My last was the mummy returns punye thing somewhere kat 1u... i dunno laa.. Tak ingat.. I was standard that time.. Haha.. So, we went to have an early dinner at this pancake restaurant just beside J.Co. The service there was bad.. But the food was great.. Then we ICE-SKATING!!! It reminds me of once upon a time when I went there with Faris.. It caused me BISUL on my ass!!! Then we got so tired and went straight home!! So the next day, I was planning to stay home but then Erna texted me that she needed help for add maths thingy.. So yeah, we met at Binjai Restaurant in Bandar Utama at 5. Actually at 4.30 but it tooks me 30 minutes to walk from my house. We argued upon one question and I won.. but it was so funny.. Who knows Erna, yeah, she's freaking funny type of person.. On that very day, 26th of January, it was the day of GERHANA MATAHARI... It has happened 10 years ago, and it happened again on this very date... Erna tak habis-habis kate 'Qin, I takut..' haha.. Funny la that girl.. Then, terserempak with Harry and gang.. Jimie(Erna's boyfriend) pun ada... So, at 6.30, my dad pick me up coz I malas sgt nak jalan pulang. And at 7.30 I went to this kuliah at a masjid in Kota Damansara. It was fun and yeah I dikira ada experience la skang ni... Then, we went to have dinner at this mamak restaurant.. I had nasi beriyani(Is this how you spell it XD) and ciao to home.. I got tired and BAM! I'm half dead asleep!!! That was the best part XD

This is the lil miss cute 'Aira'... The girl in yellow & green is Erna

Yeahp! Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid..